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At Graham Dixon Flooring we stock a large range of high quality carpets. We offer an early morning and late evening free consultation service, which allows you view a full range of samples in the comfort of your home.

Nylon carpets are the top selling carpet type in the residential and commercial sector. Nylon is a very strong fibre, making it a popular choice. Nylon is also more cost-effective than other carpet fibres. We offer both yarn dyed and solution dyed options.


This traditional favourite is increasingly being used in modern carpets. Wool is very durable, particularly when blended with nylon, usually in an 80-20 ratio. Soft, natural and luxurious, you can be sure to find the perfect wool carpet for your home at Graham Dixon Flooring.


Produced from the exterior of coconuts, coir carpets are tough, durable and very cost effective. Areas that are susceptible to high levels of traffic would be ideal for coir carpets, as it is very resilient against wear and tear. Coir carpets are not prone to mildew, damp or bacteria. Carpet moths are also naturally repelled by the oils in the fibre.


Sisal is a plant that yields stiff fibres used in making various products, including carpets. Another very durable material, it can also be blended with wool or acrylic to create softer material. Sisal carpets do not build up dust, so they require little maintenance.


Harvested and spun into very strong fibres, sea grass carpets are natural looking and eco-friendly. They are a more imperfect option, with colour inconsistencies although, as with most products, they are also quite stain resistant. The heavy textures make it a viable option for heavy traffic areas.

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